12 reasons for girls to practice with iron

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12 reasons for girls to practice with iron

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

Convincing reasons are for girls to stop being afraid of dumbbells and barbells and reach for the bar, because there is no more effective way to bring your body to the ideal, spending just 3-4 hours a week correctly. 1. This is the most effective and healthy way to lose weight..

Moreover, this method has 100% reliability. If you observe these simple principles, then the body cannot but come to a normal beautiful state. If there was excess weight – he is 100% likely to leave. This is not from the category of “what if it works out,” but according to the principle of “do A and after N months you will get B”, where “A” is an hourly workout three times a week and a healthy diet with calorie control, and “B” is a beautiful fit body. If up to 20 years, a girl can ignore all these reasons, burning her youth, then after 30 to keep her body in perfect proportions is most effective with dumbbells, barbells and proper nutrition.

2. Health will improve.

More and more involved in the sport, you will be much less likely to drink alcohol and begin to get enough sleep. The body will cease to hurt when you sit or stand for a long time, blood supply and complexion will improve. Finally, the main thing: there are links to various studies (for example, here and here), proving that the amount of muscle mass affects life expectancy, and most importantly – its quality.

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3. You can eat more and not get fat.

If an ordinary slender girl who is not engaged in physical activity, is forced to eat leaflets and deny herself sweets, trying to fit 1000 calories a day, physical activity in the gym will allow girls to eat 2,000 calories a day and every week arrange an unlimited feast, staying in slender forms. We wrote more about this in the text “The Old Body in a New Way”.

4. You can not be afraid to “swing”.

your body

If you regularly “indulge” with dumbbells and a barbell for at least several years in a row, but don’t take anabolic steroids and other prohibited drugs, then you won’t be able to swing like hell. The fact is that women naturally have low levels of testosterone, which is necessary for massive fouling with muscles. True, if you continue to overeat, then the beautiful muscles will remain covered with an even layer of “feminine” fat and no one will notice your addiction to iron sports.

5. Extra attention from guys in the hall and beyond.

There is such a meme and a series of pictures – “Girls who play sports are fucking awesome.” And this is true: a pretty girl, hardcore in the gym, is doubly interesting to most men. And the raising and lowering of heavy objects in itself by a fragile fairy looks cool, you can be proud of this activity.

6. Overcoming yourself.

The thrill of doing something useful and subordinating your body to your mind is hard to put into words. You don’t always want to go to training, but, having overcome your laziness, you feel like a winner. Priceless.

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7. Overcoming others.

Girls have decided to compete: for whom the child spoke earlier, and for whom the diamond on the finger is larger. And, being in the process of transforming your body from ordinary to ideal, it is absolutely impossible to avoid a pleasant sense of superiority over girls who do not. Snobbery, of course, is condemned by society, but sporting snobbery is extremely useful for raising self-esteem. Just revel in it among your own “sectarians”.

8. You can bring any number of packages from the supermarket.

dumbbells barbells

Or raise your child of any age. Or a heavy suitcase. Or both, and the other, and the third together.

9. You can have sex longer, more efficiently and more diversely.

From physical education, the female orgasm becomes stronger and brighter, and a strong and flexible body can repeat any pose from the Kama Sutra, and you will be much less tired. In general, athletes will tell you.

10. Your butt will become rounder.

We decided to single out the ass in a separate paragraph, and there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is the largest muscle in the body. Secondly, it is believed that the priest is either there or not, but in any case, if a girl squats with the barbell, her butt will inevitably become rounder and more appetizing. And this is completely without the risk of becoming too big (see paragraph 4).

11. Inevitably make new friends and acquaintances.

You will have a new circle of friends – in the gym and beyond, you will have someone to discuss with recipes for low-calorie desserts and which low-fat cottage cheese is better to buy. And believe me – among them there will be quite a lot of really beautiful people in body and spirit.

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12. It is unlikely that you can find at least one girl who began to seriously engage in the gym and subsequently regretted it.

There is little that can be added besides the fact that everyone was satisfied, because there are 11 convincing reasons for that..

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