A piece of truth about motivation.

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A piece of truth about motivation.

And lastly:

You have noticed how often we seek approval in our actions from other people. We are social creatures and it’s almost impossible to get rid of it, well, except if we get rid of all the peasants:

Imagine a World without Men. Not a single crime. No drugs. And a lot of happy, fat, and not made-up women.

Brrrrrrr, already goosebumps, so use it wisely.

Remember how motivation grows when you like someone madly. How do you begin to engage in frenzy with yourself. What has changed? Nothing … just your attitude towards yourself, you kind of start to look through the eyes of the person who you want to like and try to eliminate everything that you are YOURSELF, and not HIM you don’t like about yourself (re-read it again).

So what prevents you from changing your attitude towards yourself right now?

Just sometimes listen to common sense, trust experience, and don’t listen to your wishlist that has arisen from nowhere:

“You do not need it!” –

said common sense.

“This is recklessness!” Said Experience.

“I am 5 big poppies,” I said. ”

Motivation, motivation, all around one motivation …

Even I could not resist and put in my 5 kopecks about this.

Motivation videos, motivation articles, motivation photos. Is society really so lazy that it always needs motivation to do something? Can people really not achieve anything without motivation from the Internet??

Here it is short and clear, all about motivation in 23 seconds!


(warning, not normative vocabulary)

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so what? You want it or not! If you want what stops you? not enough money – earn it, tired – take a break and go on, not enough motivation – motivate yourself and go ahead!

An example of self motivation:

It’s very easy to make yourself download the press.

You just need to lie on the sofa and put a bowl of chips next to your toes))

Life often drops you – get up and continue to go to your goal, you can’t even imagine how grateful you will be to yourself later, and if you are too lazy – then I’m sorry, but you are not worthy of your goal.

You have to fall asleep and wake up knowing what you will do tomorrow to become a little closer to your goal, protect it, not let anyone destroy it, and most importantly believe!

And do not hear anyone who will discourage you, saying as if this is not possible, prove to them, prove to everyone, prove to yourself that you can do everything!

Come to the mirror, look at you, See? Take a closer look!

There is something Ukrainian in you. Fat is probably on the sides …

Well, what else do you need a motivator for? …

And if you really have to be honest, then there is no “motivation” at all, it’s a competent chip that was invented specifically for sale because “Incentive” (a tougher form of motivation) is very difficult to sell.

Once upon a time, a stick with a sharpened end was called a camel driver’s stick who, with all the foolishness, poked her in the ass with poor animals so that they would run faster and more joyfully.

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I think you and I can only motivate)).

piece truth

(In the long run). We start to do something when, on the basis of external sources of irritation, our relationship to ourselves changes and nothing else.

The thing is that you do not start or quit everything not because you lack information, but just the opposite, because there is an overabundance of it, you see the whole way. And so it’s scary, unpleasant, hard, etc..

Do not think about the path, just keep the final result in your head, don’t bother how difficult it is to eat 5-6 times a day, how “thighs” hurt after squats, how inconvenient to run when everything is shaking, and everyone is staring and for some reason you. This is not necessary!!

Just give it 15min. a day and all, then if a desire appears, then continue, if not, then 15min a very good result.

Break them as you like:

Example No. 1

5min squat

5min run

5min – dial in a food container 4 times for work + 2 times (morning + evening) eat at home.

Example No. 2

8.5min – running

2.5min squats

4min – change your diet for 4min (write it down) from this diet mode:

morning – tea / coffee,

day – apple / orange / tea,


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