About training female breasts …

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About Female Breast Training…

1. Exercise.

For pectoral muscles

The muscles of the pectoral muscles are large and strong enough, which means that they need to grow up, require serious exercises and loads, “one or two elementary exercises, and after a couple of months voila …” – this does not happen. Without the mood for hard work, obtaining the desired result is impossible.

Here I am forced to conditionally divide the training program according to the following principle:

For women who have clavicle protruding and want to shade this flaw, as well as get the rest of the promised buns, a set of exercises will look like this:

1. The bench press lying on an inclined bench.

(4 sets for 15,12,10,10 times, between sets rest 60-90 sec.)

Change the angle of inclination from 30 to 45 degrees monthly. And also after setting the execution technique, you can change the barbell for dumbbells, it’s harder, but more useful with them.

2. Breeding dumbbells lying on an incline bench.

(4 sets of 15 times, between sets of rest 60 sec.)

3. Flattening in a crossover (Flattening hands in front of the chest on the simulator).

(4 sets for 12-15 times, between sets rest 60-90 seconds.)

For many women, working in a crossover is more effective than all other exercises, as it provides more tension in a reduced position, gives more stretching, and increases the amplitude of movement.

4. Dips

(2 sets for the maximum number of times each, a break between sets of 120 seconds.)

The greater the tilt of the trunk forward, the more the pectoral muscles are involved. This exercise perfectly stretches the pectoralis major muscles. It is not recommended for beginners to use it, as it requires considerable effort and reliable, safe movements..

For women who have no problems with the top of the pectoral muscles and do not bulge their clavicles, the complex of exercises will look like this:

1. Barbell bench press lying on a horizontal bench

(3 sets of 15, 12, 10 times, between sets of rest 60-90 seconds.)

2. Breeding dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench.

(4 sets of 15 times, between sets of rest 60 sec.)

3. Flattening in a crossover (flattening hands in front of the chest on the simulator).

4. Dips.

The difference between these programs is only in the first two exercises, and the “trick” is the angle at which the muscles are worked out.

Do not change the order of exercises. It is this order that guarantees the desired result..

cold water

All exercises involve the pectoral muscle almost completely, but almost every exercise has its own emphasis on a certain area.

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If you’re really determined to increase your pectoral muscles with exercise, get ready for the right workouts. And this is when the muscles of the chest after class (or the next day) are slightly sore. Muscles increase and grow only when the load on them is much more than usual, and light pain just indicates that the effect on the muscle was sufficient.

It is not necessary to immediately take all 4 exercises, if you have never been to the gym, take two, 1st and 3rd, if there is no crossover, then 1st and 2nd.

For those who do not have the opportunity to visit the gym because of their stay in the taiga, and 40 km to the nearest gym, and their favorite skis are broken (I accept only this reason), or you are shy, here is an alternative – exercises at home.

*** Push-ups from the floor with different widths.

Yes, I agree, at first it will be difficult to squeeze out a couple of times. Until the chest muscles are strong, do push-ups from the knees.

*** Push-ups between the backs of chairs (alternative to bars)

*** if you have finally and irrevocably decided to do your figure and do it at home, you will have to buy a fitness ball (fitball), which you can lie on or lean on, and a couple of dumbbells. This kit provides replacement of 70% of the gym equipment.

2. The most important posture!

Oddly enough – it is the posture that often decides more than the other factors for the aesthetics and beauty of the female breast.

The fact is that most women have hollow breasts, shoulders protruding forward, which significantly worsens the appearance of the breast (and you create it artificially).

In this case, the goal of the training is to strengthen the stretched muscles of the back and stretching the muscles of the chest (breeding dumbbells) in order to straighten the shoulders and feed the chest.

Corrected posture, in combination with an increase in the volume of the chest allows you to emphasize the breast, give it more expressiveness, adds more beauty and grace to the girl, but if you stoop, you have poor posture, then the chest looks much worse, not to mention your physique generally.

Because of the turn, the chest should go first, and then you, but not the other way around. =)

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I will not paint exercises for the back and improve posture, search the Internet, they are full. There is nothing complicated in them, so you will figure it out yourself.

And remember. Essential exercises do not exist. Templates for training DO NOT EXIST. You are an individual, with your own unique structure … of both the skeleton and muscles. Experiment, and you will be happy.

If you want to be successful in men, and you want, I know, you should seem to them an exciting Amazon, not a swimming housewife.

3. Water treatments (hardening), massage, creams and masks.

Hardening trains blood vessels, improves blood circulation and skin condition, makes skin more elastic.

Swimming also has a positive effect on breast shape. Besides the fact that swimming strengthens a lot of muscles, it is also a water massage.

Here I’ll share my next trick, which once was told to me by a professor, the head of the department of refrigeration at IRGUPS.

Many people think that hardening is when you jump into your cold water while running your gentle booty, i.e. you need contact with cold water and they are right. But due to the well-known discomfort, few decide on such an execution. There is an easier option..


And that’s it. The effect is the same. The laws of heat transfer will never change. Pouring cold water, you lower the temperature of the protective shell of the body, the body experiences stress, learns to regulate its heat transfer, etc..

Coming wet from the shower, droplets of water evaporating from the body take the heat of the protective shell, cooling it, the body experiences stress, but not in such a harsh form. During the shower, you can also indulge in a faucet changing the water from hot to cold and vice versa.

cold water

Massage. You can do it yourself, but better ask your young man to massage your chest. And she will be in good shape.

If yours is not, attract a stranger.

If you feel that your breasts begin to sag again – change hands!

Massage massage, but just let it not pull and do not indulge, and many people like to pull the boobs, let it indulge and pull with its body parts, it’s useful to him on the contrary. The fact is that the Cooper ligaments hold the chest – a kind of connective tissue. This fabric is gradually stretched and never again fits into place. Therefore, do not pull the chest!

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In cosmetics, I’m not strong, so sorry)

3. A sports bra is required

The main thing in doing fitness is not to spoil the chest.

The task of a woman is not to allow her to stretch. When a woman runs or jumps (on a skipping rope) without a bra, her breasts jump and in addition to being a very funny sight, her ligaments are stretched.

The chest load during sports is very large, you do not even notice it. Therefore, so that the chest does not sag, always wear a bra, and for training a special, sporty one that maintains the shape of the chest so as not to create unnecessary stress and not stretch the skin and connective tissues.

It seems to be all. Strongly just do not bother and do not torment yourself with the entire set of exercises at once, try the ones that I recommended, and then add the rest.

By the way, during the first months of training, I don’t give girls any chest exercises, except push-ups, and there are a couple of reasons:

There are more useful exercises for legs and back in terms of fat burning..

To create a beautiful waist and a perfect female silhouette, chest exercises are about the last but one place. (The breast is not the most important thing in a woman, the most important thing is the eyes, believe me, a woman without eyes is much worse)

Usually, at the first visits to the gym, girls put on loose clothing, hiding their uniforms and not seeing their coveted semicircles, it’s difficult to draw up a program for the purpose of correction, and they talk poorly.

Of course, not everyone seeks to tell a “preoccupied” coach about their intimate problems..


Posture always comes first!

It is impossible to dramatically increase the chest by physical exercises

It is impossible to change the shape of the breast

It is impossible to tighten sagging breasts

Training programs give an aesthetic effect

Breast augmentation and shape-changing programs are a dummy

You can reduce breast size

To slow down the appearance of a state of sagging, improve skin elasticity, raise the lowered mammary glands, form a posture and visually improve the shape of the chest

Breast size for men matters up to about 16 years, then everything flows into quality.

They say they are unlucky if the chest is smaller than the stomach (could not resist =))

If you have good, healthy, firm skin and a slender, mobile, toned body, then even a small breast looks very attractive … just Yum Yum.

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