Aerobics for fat loss

aerobic training

Aerobics for fat loss?

The body needs about 100 calories per day just to keep a pound of muscle on the body. If your body gets rid of these muscles, it will mean that you now require fewer calories for life, i.e. food.

In this case, your body will cling to the accumulated fat until the last.

On the other hand, this «survival gear», programmed into us by nature, it can work in our favor. The fact is that our body cannot build up, maintain muscles and use them as fuel at the same time..

Building and maintaining muscle mass — this is the response by which our body tries to survive when you bring down a training load on it when doing exercises in a high-intensity style.

This load is the stimulus for the body, which sends it the following ultimatum message: «Get stronger or I’ll kill you!». It is clear that the body will respond to this with the growth of new muscle tissue.

Therefore, the key to a healthy slim body is the fulfillment of two basic requirements:

1. Creating a calorie deficit leading to weight loss;

2. Strength training to ensure that fat is burned.

And now, I’m going to discuss the main methods of weight loss:

Diet only

Aerobics only cardio

Diet and weight training

First, let’s talk about a diet-only method..

A pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. By decreasing the number of calories by 100 per day, you can theoretically lose 4.5 kg of fat per year.

However, it is likely that missing a few kg, your body adapts to this, slowing down its metabolism.

In addition, it is likely that at least part of the lost weight will be muscles, not fat. — which will further slow down the metabolism.

This diet phenomenon works on the principle of a pendulum. People go on some kind of extreme diet, consuming a scanty number of calories and not doing any strength training, and as a result, they really lose 10-15 kg of weight — but this loss consists mainly of muscles!

This lowers their metabolic rate to even lower than what they had before going on a diet. Having done away with the diet and returning to their bad eating habits, they quickly gain not only «Lost» weight, but even beyond that. And since now their metabolism is slowed down due to the fact that they now have much less muscle, then most likely they will quickly gain more fat than before.

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Regarding aerobic exercise,

now many popular magazines are promoting the idea that, they say, training, with various manipulations of the pulse rate, burns fatty tissue, and not muscle — but this is only true if you are in a calorie deficit mode.

strength training

You can spend at least two hours a day on the treadmill, but if at the same time you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain fat.

it — the law of nature, and here no «slimming pills», fat burners, etc. they won’t help, no matter how much you use.

Prayer is also of little help. Although especially interested, I can suggest one effective:

Lord, make all the calories go to boobs…

In addition, regular 30-minute aerobics can burn just 200 calories more than the amount of calories you burn just sitting on your ass, just picking your nose and doing nothing for the same period of time. Well? It became sad?


Even three aerobic workouts per week can not be compared in effectiveness with a simple decrease in daily caloric intake by 100 kcal per day.

And contrary to what is claimed in most magazines, excess aerobic training will ultimately force your body to use mostly muscle tissue rather than fat as energy.

I repeat that most supporters of this method of weight control look pretty «suck». Have you ever seen a marathon runner? Awful. I had a chance to train in the gym, where the trainer forced everyone to do a lot of cardio workouts, and strength training was performed by them with low weights, low intensity and a lot of repetitions. Until now, I have not seen a more terrible sight than this bunch of flabby, miserable, fatty runners. I really feel sorry for their knee joints.

Now for strength training.

In conditions of calorie deficiency and workouts that are heavy enough for your body to respond to exercises, your weight will decrease mainly due to fat. And if at the same time you manage to add a couple of kilograms of muscle, then it will be generally great. As I mentioned earlier, one kilogram of muscle burns 200 calories per day.

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So, every kilogram of muscle that you build on your body can potentially burn 20 kilograms of fat per year — if you consume less calories than you spend.

Well, please grow  yourself one kilogram of muscle on each bun, one on the left, one on the right:

-40 kg of fat per year.

Appetizing round shapes, a reason for a man to turn around.

Isn’t these two arguments enough?

What about such arguments?

(most of the time I spent not on writing an article, but on considering these charms

As for the need for training, there is good news: you can build muscle effectively with two 30-minute workouts per week. These workouts will not be easy. I’m talking about brutal, strength training, which will make you pant, sweat and smell bad.

And who said it would be easy? But if you want to become slim, and want it for real, then this — Right way.

aerobic training

As for the specific type of training, I highly recommend only basic exercises, such as squats, deadlift, bench press, chest press, push-ups, pull-ups, upper block pull, tilt pull, etc..

I would recommend doing no more than 5 exercises in one workout and no more than three approaches in each exercise (not including warm-ups) and no more than two or three workouts per week.

I also recommend that you reduce your calorie count by no more than 500 per day. This will cause you to burn fat at a rate of about half a kilogram per week..

Within one year you can lose 23 kg and significantly increase your strength, provided that you really try to increase the weight or the number of repetitions in each workout.

I know that some of you may be surprised that you should not give yourself an aerobic load all 7 days a week in addition to strength training. As I mentioned earlier, aerobics is not very effective for burning calories. In addition, an excess of aerobic training will interfere with your recovery after high-intensity strength training..

If aerobic training is still necessary for you, then I recommend no more than three hours of training per week at a pulse rate of 130. Any excess of this limit will lead to the breakdown of muscle tissue, which will be used to generate energy.

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As already mentioned, I’m not going to deny the effectiveness of aerobic training to strengthen the lungs and heart, but it is not very effective for losing fat. The extra calories burned during these three aerobic workouts per week will result in a loss of approximately 7 kg more fat per year..

But if you have extra time (and most people simply don’t have it) or if you feel that you need to strengthen your heart and lungs — then please. But understand that aerobic training — this is one, and effective weight loss — it’s different.

A couple of comments in the end. There is evidence that every 10 years after thirty, your body loses 4 kg of muscle. This means that you will burn 1,000 less calories per day. Therefore, you have to either eat less or eat fat. it — the main reason for the so-called «creeping figures with age»,

that’s why:

WIFE is a happiness that gets bigger with age)

However, this is fixable. With the right approach to nutrition and training, the process can be reversed.

And as Vladimir Volfovich would say:

Remember that the main body part — it’s the brain, and no one has yet canceled his head. Therefore, we think, try, analyze, change and change.

— Why do women devote so much time and money to appearance and not to the development of intelligence? — Because blind men are much fewer than stupid.

And in the end I will tell:

Until 1972, people thought it was impossible to lift more than 500 pounds. This has been proven by physiologists more than once. In 1972, during the Olympic Games, this weight was taken.

Over the next few months, many athletes repeated this record. How could they lift a weight that seemed impossible to them before? Mental barriers collapsed. They made sure that this weight can be lifted..

What about your mental barriers? Still twist the hoop and jump on the rope. Spend money on pills, diet and hope for something?

-Honey, I decided to go on a diet. Now I will only eat lobsters, truffles and lobsters.

-Why is it so? Eat money right away!

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