Back and Deadlift

back training

Back and Deadlift💪🏼

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☝🏼Spin – the second largest and most important muscle group, after the legs. It is the back that gives us a V-shaped figure and visually makes the waist narrower (relevant for both men and women).

Conventionally, the back is divided into 2 main components – width and thickness.

❗But you can’t inflate your back only in width or only in thickness, since muscle fibers do not increase in any direction, but across!

🔶In order to maximize the effect on the entire back array, you need to do 2 options of rods:


back training

top exercises: pull-ups on the horizontal bar, traction of the upper block, pullover

🔸 Horizontal

top exercises: tilt barbell / dumbbell traction, linkage simulators.

❗A there is another universal exercise that must be performed by almost all trainees, regardless of training level, gender, age.

👉🏼This Exercise – Deadlift!

🔶The stanova does not only apply to back training, since it involves a very large layer of muscles – legs, buttocks, core (including the abdominals), back, shoulders, trapeze and arms!

For me, this is a separate exercise that I can put in both back training and leg training, but I can take it out on a separate day, for example with shoulders or arms.

your back

Everything will depend on my set of exercises and the specificity of the technique..


If you are looking for a program for pumping your back, then I advise you to try the following scheme:

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1. Pullups on the horizontal bar 2×10-12 (wide grip), 2×10-12 (reverse grip)

2. Rod traction in an incline of 3-4×10-12

3. Deadlift from the floor 4×10, 8, 6, 4

4. Pullover from the upper block 3-4×12-15


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