Beginners note. Only basic exercises will make you a man

Basic exercises

Beginners note. Only Baza will make you a man!

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

Basic exercises for each muscle group. Basic exercises are the basis of bodybuilding..

When performing basic exercises, different muscle groups are simultaneously included in the work and several joints are involved at once. Usually these are heavy exercises performed with free weight (barbell or with dumbbells). Working with large weights and constantly increasing them, you will achieve undoubted success.

Performing basic exercises is mandatory, since it is during their performance that you can work with large weights, and this, in turn, gives impetus to the growth of muscle mass.


– Dumbbell bench press on a horizontal and incline bench

– Bench press on a horizontal and inclined bench

– Push-ups in various variations


Beginners note

– Deadlift

– Pull-ups

– Dumbbell Dumbbell

– Inclined rod pull


– Bench press

– Sitting dumbbell bench press

– Standing Dumbbell Breeding


Beginners note

– Barbell Squats

– Deadlift

– Romanian barbell / dumbbell traction


– Dips

– Narrow grip bench press

– Lifting Dumbbell Biceps

– Biceps Barbell Lifting

Basic exercises are the leaders of the most effective methods of increasing strength indicators and muscle growth. For the development of harmonious muscles in the training program, all basic exercises must be correctly balanced.


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