Breaking Some Myths About Protein

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Breaking Some Myths About Protein

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

1. Protein should be taken only on the day of training

So some people think, motivating this by the fact that on non-training days, the body does not need high doses of protein. Meanwhile, muscle recovery after training can stretch for a week or more. And all this time they need amino acids (protein constituents) to restore their structure and growth.

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2. Without protein it is impossible to build muscle

In fact, protein is only needed if your body is short of protein. With intensive strength training and poor-quality nutrition, it is almost impossible to supply your body with proteins in the right quantities. On the other hand, with proper and proper nutrition with quality food, the need for protein intake may not arise. So, you can pump up without protein, but in most cases it is easier to do with protein.

3. Protein is “artificial” food

need protein

In fact, protein is made from foods like soy and milk. Less commonly, eggs and meat. Using various thermal and chemical reactions, protein is isolated from these products and a concentrate is obtained in the form of a powder. And in this regard, it is much more natural than, say, dry mashed potatoes.

4. Protein is needed only by professional athletes

This is the same as saying – only professional athletes need protein. As you yourself understand, everyone needs protein. It happens that even people who do not exercise take protein, because they have a busy schedule and often do not have time to just eat.



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