Fitness vaccination against laziness. Raise your ass from the couch.

Fitness vaccination

Fitness vaccination against laziness. Raise your ass from the couch.

The second most popular variant of laziness is selective laziness..

We are lazy to do not all the things that we need to do. But only selectively. Want to check it out?

Make a list of tasks that you are lazy to do, and let the second list be of the tasks that you are doing no matter what. And then in each list put down the names of people who are most profitable in each case.

It often turns out that in the list of neglected tasks and duties appears something that other people should do, or that is beneficial to other people.

You need to do something, but you are too lazy, it turns out you need to go for sugar, but you do not eat it. You need to make a report, and this is not your duty, to make a bed, but you already feel comfortable, because in the evening, again to lay out), etc..

You are too lazy to work on achieving other people’s goals.

And there is only one way out, either to make them yours or to send the beneficiary to the desired addressee, especially dull in the forest.

The next option is my favorite – it’s just stupidly lazy 🙂

There is an inner voice in each of us (he is laziness, he is willpower, whoever has it), which tells us what to do.

Come up to the coach and ask:

– Tell me, please, can I lose weight and become a super model?

– Yes, you can.

– But as?

– Do you need it quickly or more slowly?

-Of course quickly, you exclaim.

– You have to do it every day..

YOU: – Ohhh, Mlyn.

Sloth: – Oh, oh, Mlyn. This option is not for us. Let the Stakhanovites do this, and we are gentle creatures. Ask him what is there more slowly?

– A slower option?

– 3 times a week.

Then an inner voice whispers to you: “if now he says that it is more than 5 minutes a day, then this is not for us. No time. Work, I get tired a lot, get a long time, and in the evening there are so many things to do at home, children, husband, favorite program.

– And how long do you have to do?

Quick option 6-8months, Long 1-2 years.

YOU: – Oh, mother-poo.

laziness Raise your

Laziness: – Oh, oh, mother-mash. Well, everything, dear, is free. Go home!

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The principle of mini-steps is guaranteed to help here, just get started. True, in the process of laziness, it will launch an attack on all fronts:

-Look around, on the street, in the subway. What, all that is involved? No, how many people are not of the first freshness. Won Baba Klava is not engaged and is happy in her 120 kg.

-And why should we torture ourselves? The main thing is not appearance, but what is inside!

If we continue to do …


“Look at what time you live. Gym – it’s already out of date. Look, there’s a lot of advertising in the zombie box. Pills, ointments, eaten and free, and no sweating.

Succumb to persuasion, and consider you an ordinary lobster – go with the flow.

Do not wait for special conditions, time, weather. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, if you don’t like the conditions, there is no opportunity and money, you should know – This is LAZiness in a beautiful package with a large pink bow on your head and a HUGE cellulite ass.

This form of laziness also trains the dog such that it becomes stronger day by day.

If you are still 5 minutes after the alarm rings every day. bask in bed; you train laziness; if you get up right away, you train your will.

How are you doing, I’m even afraid to ask))

… Until you lift w @ poo from the sofa, you will not gather willpower into a fist, you will not put your laziness in that very habitable place, no one will do it for you, no one will solve your problem of excess weight.

If you stand still, you move back

Mike Tyson.

Either you go forward or roll back. The daily victory over laziness trains the will, and the concession to laziness develops it. Everything else is not given!

People always give out a bunch of excuses like “I work,” “I have a child,” “I have classes at school, college, etc.” The only thing I can say to this: “We are given only one body for life”.

No time – finish sitting at the TV, chatting with friends, drinking beer. Need to focus on work or study? 1 hour to the gym – and you have a completely clear head. Want to spend more time with your kids? physical exercises will improve and lengthen your life by 10-15 years, and your children will be grateful to you for this.

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And if you are sitting with a very young child, then this is generally the best time to take care of yourself. Think Ladies and Gentlemen … Do Better.

I have only one way to combat this kind of laziness, but it works. When it’s very difficult for me, whether I’m running the 15th km or is this the last approach in squats, when my inner voice starts talking to me, I present the final result.

I imagine vivid pictures and the feeling of getting a pleasant result. I make them as intense and enjoyable as possible. Enjoy the sensations.

And what is the result I present?

No, this is not good health, a beautiful strong and hardy body, no, my trainings are not for passers-by to stare at me, no, this is not to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps this is in order to please just one specific person and that’s all …

each has his own. Just ask yourself 7 times the question why. And the seventh answer will be your result that you want the most. Example:

inner voice

Why do you want to lose weight? To please others

Why do you like others? To get to know each other easily

Why do you need new friends? etc. 7 times! each has his own.

Another option for laziness is related to our feelings..

We are lazy to do what causes us extremely negative emotions. I will leave without comment clear even to the child.

The same is true with motivation for action. People have the strongest motivation for action when there is a hellish whip for failure to perform an action and a paradise carrot for its implementation.

You can apply the carrot or stick separately. The main thing is that there is a strong difference in charges at the poles. People of two types always turn to me, for whom everything is terrible and urgent, it is necessary to lose weight or to the grave, and people who are already doing well, but damn it, the bottom row of press cubes needs to be visible, and the ass should be raised a little higher. All who are in the middle of a damn do not want to and will not.

Well, if I’m in the middle, can I somehow motivate me? Yes. Motivation can be supported by stick and carrot..

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To come up with a whip is usually a simple matter..

But kicking yourself morally in the ass, you increase the risk of becoming a moral disabled person. So this option is most suitable for people prone to masochism …

The most effective way to motivate yourself and not to think about laziness, if the process of achieving the goal pleases.

You may not turn the mountains at a time, but at least enjoy.

Want to lose weight?

Skate or have sex, but every day).

Don’t like brushing your teeth in the morning? Buy a delicious toothpaste. And so on … Surprisingly, with all the simplicity of the approach, few people use it.

Why is that? It is all about our habits that we have been accustomed to since childhood. Unfortunately, parents often do not explain to the child the consequences of his actions and force the child to do something, ignoring his own desires.

Do it because it’s so necessary. Unfortunately, this addiction to rape oneself remains with most people for life … and they no longer even remember that they have the opportunity to make other choices.

And as a result, start with small steps, but every day.

If it becomes hard, imagine the end result, for which you do it at all. Work on your goals, and delegate strangers.

Train your will, not laziness, at least in trifles. Get out of bed tomorrow at the first wake-up call – this will be your first victory.

Find and be aware of your fears of not doing anything, being aware of them – they are easier to defeat. When your load increases to an adequate level, the body after each workout will be released into the bloodstream – endorphin, the hormone that is responsible for the feeling of joy and training will go much easier and more fun. Just don’t burn it to anyone, OK? And even so there is not enough space in the simulator))

And remember – you control yourself, not your habits and feelings. Do not allow anyone or anything to determine your actions or inaction. You know better than others what you need to do and how to do it.

Drop all thoughts on how to get rid of laziness and just start acting, tiny little step for today – sit down now 15 times.

Successes and pleasant work on yourself.


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