How to remove the stomach and sides. Papa Carlo’s method.

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How to remove the stomach and sides. Papa Carlo’s Method.

Consider your daily calorie level. Just 1 week we write down everything we eat without changing our gastronomic habits. One week is enough. Now count the number of calories eaten and divide by 7. Here is your Daily Level. To make it easy to count, you can dig the same thing easier these days.

Once you know your level, lower it by 10%, this is enough to start losing weight. Once a week, weigh yourself, if you lose about a kilogram in a week, this is good. If more, then muscles burn, add calories by a couple percent, if the weight has not changed, then you spend as much as you consume, cut back by 10%.

Exercise will help increase the expenditure of calories even when you leave the gym and lie on the couch in front of the zombie, for which I love them more than cardio. “Cutting” the sides and abdomen will provide you with a cut in daily calories, and a beautiful frame and elasticity will give exercises. I won’t describe it, otherwise I’ll write a couple of sheets, I’ll say briefly here all the options for lifting legs and twisting are suitable, do not forget to bow to the sides so you will also hook the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Do not forget to squats. this is the most energy-intensive exercise, in addition, it turns your hips and berry places from the jelly, which they look like, into a reason to pester you)

In short:

You can’t eat more than planned (For now. In the future you will learn how to feel the consumption and arrival of calories and you can gut in the normal range)

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eat carbohydrates until 6-8 pm.

The main intake of carbohydrates – In the morning after sleep and after training. We’ll have to say goodbye to the habit of just drinking coffee in the morning, in the morning there should be the largest intake of carbohydrates

After 6-8 pm we only eat protein (fish, chicken, shrimp, cottage cheese, egg white.)

Exercise with weights, start with squats.

How to speed up fat burning.

intake carbohydrates

Increase energy consumption. Take a walk, walk, etc..

If you do cardio, then do it in the morning or after a hard workout for 20-30min.

Thermogenics – before training. Fat burner from a specialized store, the easiest coffee to drink just not sweet.

However, please note that the described methods of accelerating fat burning will definitely accelerate possible muscle loss..

Warning! What can not be done!

1. Lateral slopes !!! Stop arguing, and turn on the logic. I already wrote – any exercise with weights causes muscle growth. I hope you will not argue with this? That is why the lateral slopes increase the sides, which is why we swing the press so that our “cubes” grow up and become like a washboard. Lateral slopes you will not burn a single gram of fat from the sides. Humble yourself and stop spoiling your waist.

2. Dramatically cut calories, or feel hungry, if there is a hunt, when you did not plan it – eat protein and fiber.

So, let’s go over the main ideas again:

The key to losing weight is Diet (not workout). But with workouts much faster!


Training in the gym does not dry the body, but grow it.

Point reduction of fat Impossible (you cannot selectively lose weight in one place)

Losing weight

The point of any diet is to spend more calories than you get.

Energy consumption depends on work and physique

Daily consumption you need to know. To control the process.

Reduce or increase your daily consumption based on weekly weighings

P.S. remembered at the last moment)

Fat from the sides and the stomach leaves last, first the top leaves it is genetics, so do not be scared)

If you want to sharpen a cake and dream of sweets, then you went over with cutting calories.

Eat vegetables in any amount; this is fiber (except starchy), fruits are carbohydrates that contain fructose, it is not much different from sucrose, therefore we sharpen them to 18.

If you are a girl, ask the instructor to show how to squat with an emphasis on the ass, not on the legs, but for men it is natural with an emphasis on legs. Somehow it’s not going to work out well if a man has a huge J..a and thin legs))

Drink more water.

That’s all for today. Now don’t look for another diet, but start DOING what I’ve just read .

Do not be a piece of fat


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