How to start to build body We are moving from a dead center.

main thing

How to start following the figure? Moving forward.

The late Gary Halbert once uttered one ingenious phrase:

“Motion beats meditation!”



And you will be rewarded according to your deeds!

(not according to your dreams, thoughts, plans, Wishlist, ideas or intentions …)

What is needed in order to move from information to action?

Skills No, skills are not enough.

vicious circle

Emotions? Emotions are more important, of course, but this is not the main thing..

The main thing is to start! Get off the ground.

This is reminiscent of how long you hesitate to jump into the cold water with a run, although the heat has already tormented you. And you understand that you’ll jump and bliss will come.

But no, scary.

Most of us have a kind of guard built in our minds against jumps in emotional stress: “First I’ll find out what is best to do, and then I’ll start …”

In fact, when committing actions, for many questions themselves disappear.

You probably heard about the “Comfort Zone”? This is such a conditional line, beyond which we feel free, this is ours, but as soon as we need to go out of the circle (find a new job, turn to a stranger), our brain immediately begins to “push sticks into the wheels”.

People are used to living in a vicious circle: wake up in the morning, go to work, return from work, drink beer and go to bed. Wake up again, go to work, come back, have a beer, go to bed. This is how most people around us live, including your acquaintances, friends and relatives.

according your

Therefore, when you break out of this vicious circle, when you begin to do something incomprehensible to their stiff consciousness, they consider it some kind of foolishness, a sect, anything but a useful thing.

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When you start to change, friends and relatives will not support you, rather, on the contrary, they will slow down your progress in every way. Seduce you, put pressure on pity, etc. Do not wait for support. No one likes when someone starts rocking a boat.

After all, your results are direct evidence of their inaction and laziness.

Try to answer one simple question: who now has at least one person who spoke and provoked you to the following:

Let’s have a beer? (and held out a jar of chilly)

Will you have a cake? Well, one piece can.

One glass is possible. A holiday after all?

Let’s watch a movie better

Etc. and so on.

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