Kill Cinderella in yourself, become a Rhino


Kill Cinderella in yourself, become a Rhino!

I am often annoyed by all kinds of amateurs with articles in glamorous magazines, SMS beggars, nutritionists and marketers who are promoting the idea that you can eat anything without worrying about lying on the sofa, and from time to time a kind magician will come on a blue helicopter and give you a slender figure, a box of dough and what do you want there at least 2 cars.

Type Cinderella in a modern way. Flipped a pill and you are a fitness model.

Garbage is everything. It never happens in life. And what is shown on the zombie box is either well-organized advertising, or lies, or a person plowed for half his life, so that in three minutes he could tell with a smile on his face how emu easily managed to.

Need to work. Go to training!!

To dig in as bequeathed the great Lenin.

At the same time, smiling to good neighbors, who, when they see you, twist a finger at the temple. When relatives don’t understand why you’re carrying these pieces of iron, when you want to sleep, and outside it is raining and cold, when in the evening training, and at 6 in the morning to work.

A good way to distinguish truth from lies is to compare everything with sports (weightlifting is best)

How do you like this idea of ​​becoming a world champion:

We buy pills, poultice ointments, etc. to increase strength and in a month we lift 400 kg.

Hooray. Now, good advertisers will beg you to take a couple of bags of money..

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Well, how’s the idea? Cool? Taken seriously?

So why are the ideas that because of one SMS you lose weight, because of one diet you get the result you need, the list goes on and on.

Yes, because we believe in freebies and fairy tales. It’s time to stop eating fairy tales, from a sweet ass stick together.

Any actor who is attractive to you, prepares for one role for six months, lives, eats, sleeps on a schedule. And I took a mediocre man – I tried it once, twice, looked around (if God forbid the neighbors saw or giggled someone above him in the gym) – and that’s all, “it means not mine …”. “I have a predisposition to weight,” “I’m so unique, I have such genetics …”

Cinderella yourself become

Ugh, one disorder.

If the children also approached the learning process and achieving results, then none of them would go. The most stubborn would crawl and all.

How many children learn to walk?

Until you learn !!! Until you get the result.

The magic formula, y-p-p-s-t!!

Try, change approaches, get feedback, draw conclusions, fall and rise again – but go forward like a rhino in a tank.

If the rhino has poor eyesight, then this is not his problem..


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