Losing weight. Myths and reality.

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Losing weight. Myths and Reality.

Ask anyone what is the most useful exercise for losing weight? And everyone will answer without hesitation: RUN. AvtoNet, these are squats!

Many visitors to gyms propagate this myth, and regularly run in the hope of becoming leaner. The stupidest mistake, dear!

First of all, cardio exercise burns far fewer calories than is commonly thought. A 30-minute moderately intense run will burn about 300 Kcal, and 150 in a glass of milk.?

But strength training can add muscle to your body, and make your body burn calories much more, even when you just sleep.

Imagine two twin brothers, one goes in for sports, pumps iron, and the other drinks beer and believes that there should be a lot of a good person. Both are 80kg. However, the athlete will burn calories twice as much, even when sleeping. Because the muscles themselves require a lot of energy to feed themselves, even when they don’t work. Now imagine that these guys have Gene’s brother, a professional bodybuilder with a “dry” weight of 100 kilos. So, Gene will burn twice as many calories daily as in the first case, and FOUR times as much as in the second. How do you like arithmetic??

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Any strength training forces your body to produce anabolic hormones that trigger muscle tissue growth reactions, but running fights this phenomenon we need by triggering a decay (catabolism) reaction i.e. by running you destroy not only fat, but also muscle mass.

By the way, if you eat something after running, you immediately stop the fat burning process due to the release of insulin, which blocks the utilization of fat on the vine. With strength training, you just need to grind something, preferably protein.

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But what about! Wait! After all, running strengthens the heart! Yes, it strengthens. But working with weights makes it better. Want to check it out? Sit down 50-100 times and put your hand on your chest, while running you will not hear this.

Do you know anyone with a heart condition? Ask them what the doctor advised them. Everyone who has experienced heart disease is aware that the doctor advises, first of all, to lose weight, and not run. It is fat in the form of excess (non-functional) weight that leads to heart disease.

Well, so how? Running or weight training? In particular, squats, as at the feet 2/3 of all body meat and energy consumption will be greater than with any other exercises, and even more so when running.

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Myth number 2.

Twisting, i.e. exercises on the press, burn fat on the abdomen (waist) AvotiNet!

It is impossible to burn fat in any one area on the body. This is absurd. No comments. I’ll explain it some other time, just know. When you swing the press, you make it thicker, stronger and harder. But you don’t burn fat.

Myth number 3.

To make the waist slimmer, you need to do lateral slopes. Bummer again!

Side bends with dumbbells will only increase your waist. And in the most unpleasant – “silhouette part”. Nevertheless, this is almost the most favorite exercise for all full women in the world. And some look at others, and all repeat each other.

In no case do this exercise, then you just can not regain its former size. True, there is one exception. If you are going to participate in competitions of strong and lift, then, of course, you need powerful side stabilizers. Then you can safely do. If not, even looking at those performing this exercise is harmful, and if you are advised to do it, feel free to poke his eye out so that it’s not.

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