My attitude to fitness marathons

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My attitude to fitness marathons

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

Some time ago, there were “marathons” for weight loss.

My first reaction was joy: “finally someone understood how to reach more people and help them on their way to a healthy lifestyle”.

However, there is its own big “BUT”, which crosses out the charm of such projects.

fitness marathons

Most marathons involve a 30-day race for prizes and rivalry between participants. It can be fun and interesting, because this is a new experience..

But in this entire race for the prize, people lose or do not see the main reason for participating in why the majority really goes – changing themselves for the better!

Daily hard training and very poor nutrition quickly give the desired results..

But the marathon ends, the winners receive their prizes, and 99% of the remaining participants remain with bitterness of defeat and spoiled health.

fitness marathons

Against this background, lost kilograms at breakneck speed come back. Belief in oneself disappears, nutrition returns to normal, and the desire to exercise fades away.

Such observations worry me. After all, a person wanted to change his life, but, having received such a negative experience, he decides to never try again. Such projects may help someone, but their main goal is commerce, and not the desire to instill a healthy lifestyle in more people..

⁉️ Friends, would you be interested in a fitness project with a completely different approach?

Would participate in it for a small fee?

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⬇️ Write your answers in the comments. ⬇️


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