Nature has no bad … seasons)

main goal

Nature has no bad … seasons)

The first period: (October 1 – January 31) – the period of muscle gain and great gluttony.

During this period, the main goal is to unleash the metabolism to the “fullest”, remove psychological stress from the calorie restriction and gain the maximum amount of muscle (form the bulk, from which we will then pull out Apollo, and in your case Aphrodite, or Pinocchio, who will succeed).

For this:


I increase the number of calories consumed, simply eat whatever I want, and more, but the protein norm is maintained about 2-3g per 1 kg of weight. For women, 1-2g is enough. If you just presented a bunch of cakes and buns, you’re wrong. In the first week, one or two cakes, and then it’s not hunting, but after a month you have to force yourself to eat. Six meals a day + vitamins + OMEGA-3 + fiber. I repeat, we eat anything. I can not hear three times Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!))) Just maintain the protein norm, please.


Three hard workouts per week, all basic exercises with dumbbells and barbells, 5 sets of 8 repetitions for each (no more), nor any simulators and cardio.

The second period: (February 1 – April 30), for especially severe cases until May 30.

During this period, the main goal is to get rid of fat as much as possible, while preserving muscle mass (so that there is something to feel for). In the spring, hormones go off scale, metabolic processes accelerate, and this is what we use.

This is the period of “drying” ie burning fat. Noticed that the maximum is 4 months! And that’s it! Amazing results in 3-4 months.

Professional gymnasts manage to dry up to a competitive level during this time, and we will have enough time. Of course, in the preparations and methods they have a wider choice, but you and I do not need to separate the triceps into three beams. I think that it’s enough for you to draw a press and you differ from 99% percent of the gray mass.

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For this :


Cut calories:


5-6 meals a day, not exceeding the “starting point” (see previous issues). Cut calories with simple carbohydrates (sweet).


complete rejection of simple carbohydrates (even fruits).


giving up all types of alcohol.


no frying, just boiling or steaming, or bake in foil.


follow the norm of protein 2-3 g per 1 kg of body weight, women 1-2 g.

main goal

replace fats with OMEGA-3 (fish oil, linseed oil).


add vitamins and nutritional supplements: fat burners, L-carnitine, caffeine, etc..

7 WEEKS onwards:

only complex carbohydrates (cereals) and protein (meat, fish, chicken).

Last 3-4 weeks:

The hardest time period:

Daily: 100g. less carbohydrates (just measure out 100g. of rice or buckwheat and this is for a day) + 2 gr. protein per 1 kg of weight + fiber (cucumbers, tomatoes) + vitamins.

Frankly, at this stage you can kill for a bun with butter))

BUT … For all slovenliness throughout life, one month can be tolerated.


We add cardio to heavy workouts (-1 hour run), we get six workouts one hour a week.

Monday – gym.

Training with 75% of your usual weights, i.e. if you squatted with a 30kg barbell, squat with 22kg., the number of repetitions is 12-15.

Tuesday is a run. In the morning on an empty stomach 1 hour.

Wednesday – gym

Thursday – running

Friday Gym

Saturday – running

And physically and mentally, it’s pretty hard if you do it for the first time.

But a gorgeous figure is worth one month without sweets.

Third period:

(May 1 – September 30).

The period of maintaining results, vacations and searching for adventures on your ass.

muscle mass

In general, for some purpose you wanted to create a beautiful figure for yourself? So enjoy it! 5 months of summer to realize all your plans, feel beautiful and sexy.


For this: easy, not burdensome, supporting training 2-3 times a week, according to your mood, but I assure you, you can’t live without it)).

These are three periods based on the biorhythms of the human body and the seasons.

I repeat:

1 period

4 months, when the body prepares for winter and gains excess KG, we use it to gain muscle mass. My favorite period. If you think that during this period you look like a well-fed piglet, then you are mistaken. You may not believe it, but it is during this period that you look at 100%.

2 period

3-4 months – spring, the period of work on oneself, fat burning. The first two months are easy, but at the last stage with a minimum of carbohydrates it’s hard.

3 period

5 months, enjoy the result. No comments. Who is what, within the Criminal Code.

As a result, we get 9 months of pleasure and 3 months of working on ourselves, which also bring satisfaction, and not the years of whining as usual, and the duration of the second period depends on the severity of your intestinal fornication in others, but the maximum, I repeat, is 3-4 months.

You yourself can create your periods based on your life situation and your calendar of events.

You can split them half a year or quarterly. Compliance with periodization is a system, and not as usual, you need to lose weight by September 1, New Year, Birthday, February 14, March 8, and then by summer. What about eating? It’s possible to eat only in April 🙂

Many, probably, were tempted to quit the hunger strike and start from the first period)) and so.

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If your weight exceeds no more than 10 kg from your ideal (note not from your goal, but from the ideal), you can start from the first period. If more than 10 kg, then from the second.


These cycles within the year are called macrocycles, each macro cycle has mesocycles, and in them, micro cycles, in addition, in each cycle there is a change in the volume of intensity of each phase of training. Hmm .. So … Why did I tell you this? Not in order to scare you, how complicated it is, but in order for you to understand that you need to think with your head:

You know what cellulite is?

When a person tries to think with an ass for a long time, meanders appear on it.

Now we look at our ass and draw conclusions!

I repeat, you need to think, think! And do not trust diets with a beautiful name for one SMS, girlfriends and tablets. From personal observation:

If the diet has a name, it does not work..

And remember, in order to lose weight in some places, you should not eat in some places!

Until the next post, with sincere respect


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