Overview of fat burners. Speeding up the sale of dreams.

adipose tissue

Overview of fat burners. Speeding up sales of dreams.

Hello. I decided to annoy you again today with my cynicism)). If someone after reading the first posts tore off his fat … .

Sorry culus muscules and tried my recommendations on yourself, then you already have the result, as evidenced by the letters in my mailbox. Today we will accelerate your progress to the ideal figure even more. Fat burners will help us in this..

If you thought about “turbo-slim”, “diet No. 5 Dolina,” various network-firm burgers, slimming teas, then you have gone so far into the information deadlock that you will not find dogs in this forest now.

Today we’ll talk about real fat burners used by fitness and bodybuilding lovers.

Fat burners are drugs that contain the main components that contribute to fat loss, such as:

* Caffeine

* L-carnitine

* Guarana

* Chromium Picolinate

* Chitosan

* Green tea extract

* Sinephrine

* PEA (phenylethylamine)

* Tyramine

* Omega-3 fatty acids

action burners

* and other secret systems that are used for advertising purposes

All fat burners can be divided into two groups:

thermogenics and lipotropics.

The action of thermogenics as fat burners is based on an increase in body temperature (on average by 0.5-2.0 degrees), during which the body needs to have additional calories that it receives due to the breakdown of its own fats. In addition, they increase stamina..

Lipotropics as fat burners do not work, they block the synthesis of fat in the liver, increase the breakdown of adipose tissue to fatty acids.

The main mechanisms of action of fat burners:


stimulation of metabolism in the body

appetite suppression

decreased absorption of fats and carbohydrates from the digestive tract

blocking fat synthesis in adipose tissue

removal of excess fluid

Mainly, fat burners accelerate the breakdown of fat molecules and turn fat into free energy, increasing its consumption.

The action of fat burners is implemented during training, subject to a diet. If the consumption of fat burners is not combined with training and proper nutrition, then there will be no effect, so if you have not gotten off the couch, then it makes no sense to use them.

Currently, sports nutrition stores are littered with various fat burners, with a wide variety of compositions and mechanisms of action.

The main types of fat burners, depending on their method of exposure:

* Thermoengineering

adipose tissue

* Carbohydrate blockers

* Fat blockers

* Thyroid stimulants

* Appetite suppressants

* Diuretics

Most modern fat burners combine most of the mechanisms of action, because most components are synergistic and fully compatible.

For example, the combination of L-carnitine and thermal engineering makes the use of the latter safer, since carnitine protects the heart and blood vessels from overload, reduces the catabolism of muscle tissue. Blockers of fats and carbohydrates can be added to this without fear, they are not absorbed at all, therefore they will not interact with other types.

Omega-3 fatty acids also have a protective effect on the heart and blood vessels, and are very effective when taken together with thermogenics, L-carnitine and food blockers.

Conclusion No. 1: almost all types of fat burners are well compatible, as they have different points of application in the body.

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Conclusion No. 2: You do not need to bother about how to combine it all, everything is already thought out for you and packed in a capsule. We’re just sorting out now, what’s what.

During cycles to reduce body fat, you have to adhere to a diet. In this regard, the body loses many of the necessary substances, as a result of which, together with the loss of fat, the muscle mass, which we need as well, sharply decreases. As they say, muscle mass does not happen much. Although modern bodybuilding athletes, by their example, they nevertheless proved the opposite.

In conditions of hunger, the body begins to actively destroy muscles in order to obtain amino acids for the synthesis of important proteins (not pleasant crap). To prevent this from happening, you must definitely take the sources of amino acids: Eat meat and fish, in other words.

For advanced, you can add BCAA or amino acid complexes, they contain a small amount of calories and inhibit catabolic reactions well, at the same time they do not reduce the effectiveness of fat burners, and do not inhibit the process of losing weight, BUT if you don’t know what it is, feel free to miss your ears (eye) this paragraph.

Of course, all this prelude has already made you crazy, and you want to know what I recommend? So let’s go.

Women are better off getting to know this.

Sight Tight Fem,

when you are comfortable, you can switch to the fat burners listed below.

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