Periodization in bodybuilding. Schedule example.

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Bodybuilding Periodization – Schedule Example

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

Phase 1: 4 months – Mass Gain The goal is simple: gain muscle mass and increase size. Back to basics: train hard. If you are able to gather all your courage, include basic strength exercises in your workouts. First make them light, then increase the intensity – squats, deadlift, deadlift, bench press, etc..

These are the heavy, basic bodybuilding exercises on which this sport is built. You must also eat right. Use whey protein and casein. Follow a diet that contains more carbohydrates and calories to maintain anabolic processes in the body. Eat correctly, avoiding the use of excess fat.

This intense type of training cannot last too long without fuel. When developing a training program, include successive sets with longer breaks. Lift the maximum weight, and do not forget to relax and recover.

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Sleep, sleep, sleep. We gain strength precisely during sleep. Choose a maximum of 2 body parts regularly for training. In this phase of the program, cardio loads should be light, and as for weight, it should be large!

Phase 2: 4 months – Weight Gain and Leap Forward The goal of this phase is to preserve muscle mass by dropping fat. We hope that you have already gained a decent amount of muscle during the previous phase, and now the time has come to “reveal” it.

In this part, you should start using certain fitness equipment. Combine them with dumbbell workouts to get as much muscle as possible during your workout..

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Focus on training your abdominal muscles by taking very short breaks between sets. Use compound sets and supersets. Increase the number of approaches to increase the volume. Add a series of exercises with increased reps.

Your diet must also undergo significant changes. Lower the amount of simple carbohydrates. I would suggest reducing the number of calories consumed by 500-700. Any other measures can be too decisive and lead to the fact that the body will use your hard-built muscles as a source of energy. The total amount of exercise should increase. This will help burn more calories in less time, triggering catabolic processes in the body..

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Try to attend two separate workouts per day. Cardio exercises are preferred until noon, and work out with weights day and night. 45 minutes for each session will be enough. Glutamine and other restorative supplements will be good helpers during this phase. Additional fat burning supplements can also be used at this stage..

Phase 3: 4 months – Active recovery, study, and functional strength. Focus on maintaining, or a small increase in muscle mass. You should be slimmer, stronger and look better. Choose the best weight for you and focus on it. Turn on half repeats, negatives, fast explosive repetitions to really engage the maximum amount of muscle fibers.

Make sure you focus on lagging parts of the body, train them harder. Choose a range of repetitions and intensity that you consider moderate for your workouts. Moderate cardio exercises will also help you look better..

Focus on flexibility and include weight training in the program. Use weights and a variety of gymnastic exercises. What is very important, you need a full sleep and recovery.

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In this phase, it is also necessary to study various materials and try new exercises and techniques that you would like to use in the future.


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