Program 50 Pullups

pull-ups Program

PROGRAM “50 Pullups”

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

This is a training program that will help you develop your strengths and physique..

Most people cannot pull themselves up even ten times, and only a few can do more than 15 pull-ups. This training program is designed to help you get fit at least 30 times..

So after all, 30 or 50? This program is written up to 50 pull-ups. It is a lot and it is very difficult to achieve. To be honest, when you reach 30 pull-ups – this will be an impressive achievement. And 30 pull-ups will be completely enough to maintain a healthy, well-developed musculature and you don’t have to do more. However, if you want to achieve more, we have 50 pull-ups for you 🙂

Program rules🔻 1. Test. Before starting the program, do as many pull-ups as you can. Do not try to embellish your results, otherwise you will not be able to execute the program. The test will help determine your level of training..

pull-ups Program

2. Select a training cycle depending on the results. For example, if you performed 7 pull-ups, then you need to start with a cycle of 6-8 pull-ups.

3. Continue training in the cycle program. Remember to rest for at least one day between workouts. And after every third workout – at least 2 days. If you do not rest your muscles, your results will only fall. Some people say that with longer rests between workouts, their results get better..

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4. Rest between sets of 120 seconds or more.

5. If during training you could not complete all the approaches, do not worry about it. Rest for two days and try again..

6. At the end of the cycle, rest for at least two days and run the test again. He will show which cycle to do next. If you are in the same cycle in which you were, it is better to repeat it than to start the next when you are not ready.

performed pull-ups

7. Follow these instructions until you reach the last cycle (more than 40 pull-ups). After going through it you will be in excellent physical shape and can try to perform 50 pull-ups. But remember, 30 is already very good.

Training Cycles Less than 4 pull-ups.

If in the test you performed 0-5 pull-ups, then it is best to start with negative pull-ups. This will strengthen your muscles and prepare you for the rest of the cycles. They are performed as follows:

1. Instead of pulling your body up, use a chair to hang on the bar (the chin should be slightly above the bar).

2. Move the chair to the side and slowly go down until you hang on completely straight arms.

3. Try to lower as slowly as possible (at least 3 seconds)


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