Secret weapon to speed up the metabolism.

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Secret Weapon Accelerating Metabolism.

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

You must have heard the word “metabolism.” And yet, what do you know about metabolism, or metabolism, and how does this affect weight loss or weight gain? Metabolism is the processes and reactions that occur within our body. For all processes, our body needs the energy that it receives from food in the form of calories. Your main metabolism (MBP) shows how much energy (calories) your body burns at rest. Amazingly, dormancy accounts for more than 75% of calories burned every day! It depends on many factors: average level of activity, body structure) ratio of muscle and fat mass), age, gender, heredity and body weight. If you live an active life during the day, then the BHP rate increases, and your body burns more calories.

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1) Sports, physical activity. You can restore muscle tissue and accelerate the pace of metabolism with regular weight training. Run, lift weights – it will speed up the metabolism.

2) Muscle building Muscle cells consume more calories than fat. A pound of muscle tissue spends 35-45 calories per day, and a pound of fat – only about two. This means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn every minute during the day, whether you are walking with dumbbells or just watching TV. Use Extra Protein Food Sources.

3) Water Water is the most important participant in the metabolic process in the human body. Water suppresses appetite and helps to attract deferred fats into the metabolism. Water is the matrix of life, the basis of metabolism. Drink water! A lack of water can significantly slow down the metabolism – because the main task of the liver in this case will be to restore the body’s fluid reserves, and not burn fat.

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4) Sex. Also speeds up the metabolism. Orgasm – all this has a physiological meaning; the blood is intensely saturated with oxygen, tissue nutrition is improved and metabolism is accelerated.

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5) Omega-3 fatty acids. These very fatty acids regulate the level of leptin in the body. According to many researchers, it is this hormone that is responsible not only for the metabolic rate in the body, but also for fundamental decisions about whether to burn fat at the moment or accumulate it.

6) Vitamin B6 and other vitamins. Vitamins Really Accelerate Cell Metabolism.


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