Teeth on a shelf. Or, still, change the diet.

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Teeth on a shelf? Or do we change the diet?

It so happened historically that the most common misconception that getting rid of excess KG is only possible through fasting.

Fasting is directly associated with diet. And this is what marketers are trying to get into their products. Like they do not starve to starve (they are right in this), the diet is bad, but as usual, by substituting concepts without negotiating the truth, they start for a snag.

And the joyful consumers, having heard that now it’s possible to “sharpen” everything in a row, because the uncle from the blue screen has allowed, they are, for an advertising trick. The cleverest price of the issue costs 1 SMS), but there are more severe cases.


When I am on a diet everyone has the feeling that I constantly eat, as someone does not go into the office, I sit, chew, you just ate a question, I answer that I have a diet and I need to get rid of a couple of extra KG, with a smile I observe the process of rounding the eyes and sagging jaw.

So what is Diet all the same? Everything is very simple.

Diet is the observance of diet, i.e. it is necessary to observe simple proportions and the frequency of absorption. That’s all.

So, we turn to the practical application of knowledge:

We change the proportion of food.

We need to increase protein intake.

Minimize fat intake

Learn to consume complex carbohydrates.

Normally, the plan for taking three food nutrients as a percentage of the total calorie intake should be as follows:

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proteins –20-30%

carbohydrates –50-60%

calories needed

fats – 10-20%

How many calories are needed to manipulate weight? I already gave one calculation method, here is another one, simpler:

To begin with, we determine how many calories are needed to maintain current weight according to the following formula:

& # x25aa; weight (in pounds) x 14 – for women

& # x25aa; weight (in pounds) x 15 – for men

(1 lb = 0.453 kg).

The resulting figure shows the approximate number of calories needed to keep your weight constant (basic metabolism). If your goal is losing weight, reduce the figure by 10%.

The correct intake is 5-6 times a day i.e. break your calorie content into 6 parts and eat it 6 times.

Before training for 2 hours, it is better not to eat, so that the body quickly switches to fat.

“Shock” protein intake should be scheduled for after training time.

Within 60-120 minutes after the completion of physical activity in the body, the so-called open. “Protein window”. The timely intake of protein in this time interval is a powerful stimulator of anabolism..

And don’t be afraid to gain muscle mass. This will not happen in the volumes in which you are afraid, just you will become more elastic)) In extreme cases, muscles are burned much easier than fat, you can always get rid of them)

In the days of rest from training, we try, there are only complex carbohydrates.

Where to start making the right diet?

Accustom yourself to fractional nutrition within the required number of calories. If you have taken food three times a day, then have a lunch for yourself. And two snacks of something protein. One right after training. You can replace them with a protein shake (protein).

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During the first weeks of training, gradually discard harmful products – confectionery, fatty foods, animal fats, white bread and rolls, all kinds of carbonated drinks. Exclude sausages and smoked meats, processed foods and canned foods from your diet. (for now, general phrases, then I will write how to do it).

calorie content

Try to eat complex carbohydrates and animal proteins. Do not abuse dietary supplements in your diet. Get basic calorie content from natural foods.

Approximate meal

1st portion of proteins and complex carbohydrates to neutralize muscle catabolism.

2nd Lunch. Focus on protein.

3rd Lunch. Complex carbohydrate and protein intake.


4th (within 60-120 minutes after training)

“Shock” intake of proteins and not a lot of carbohydrates is desirable in liquid form immediately after training

5th portion of natural protein foods, with moderate complex carbohydrates.

6th Serving of protein without carbohydrates and fat. Egg protein, low fat cottage cheese, chicken, fish, etc..

And so to summarize what you can do today. Do not hear tomorrow, but today! Tomorrow will not be, the night will pass and will be again today, so we start right now because tomorrow you will not start:

1. Consider your baseline calorie intake, reduce by 10%.

2. We break it into 6 parts. In the morning and after training, longer slices. It’s not difficult, get used very quickly.

3. Stop eating sugar. YES TOTALLY. At the worst, buy a sugar substitute. Of course, it is harmful, but you can use it as a step towards refusing sugar. I’ll say to myself that I don’t add sugar to coffee and tea, but I won’t try to pick it out from the roll)


4. Start physical training, to whom you like. If you love cardio, then the fat begins to burn only after 40 minutes. low-intensity loads, if you like physically heavy loads, focus on the base (squats, bench presses, traction).

Warning! Do not overdo it with calories with 6 meals a day. In total, calories should be less than your baseline!


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