Ten rules on how to train effectively.

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Ten rules on how to train effectively.

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

1. Weight is not the best indicator of success..

Some people put the importance of the numbers that they see on the scales too high! The numbers on the scales change from day to day and even from hour to hour. Yes, you should be weighed regularly, but not constantly. Mirroring is the best indicator of your true success in building a body..

2. Muscle pain is not the best way to judge a good workout..

Muscle pain is nothing more than a direct result of a little rest of your muscle fibers during training, but pain is not a reliable way to measure. Yes, maybe this means that your workouts have reached a different level, but do not forget that if you worked in the gym for the first time after a long break, then muscle pain will not necessarily be the result of a good workout.

3. For the result you need to regularly attend classes in the hall.

No matter how good your program is, it will not bring you results if you do not work with enthusiasm and perseverance, and also above all – systematically. Results, this is the only thing that matters. From time to time, you will gain experience and build your optimal program.

rules train effectively

4. Less = more.

Short workouts with fewer exercises, sets and reps are the best way to build muscle mass in the shortest possible time. I call it Muscle Machine Training. When a person comes into the gym and is forced to stop doing a large number of exercises, approaches and repetitions, he understands what he is really capable of and how easy the subsequent hard work will come to him..

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5. Supplements are only part of an effective program..

Sports nutrition is a highly effective ADDITION to your systematic approach: diet, sleep and the construction of the training process.

6. Intensity is the key to growth.

The foundation of all good training programs is their effectiveness, regardless of whether they are long or short programs, a full body study or split training. All your activities in the gym should be like a sprint, not a marathon. The more you use the sprint, the more effective your training. Long-run marathon training will bring you less progress..

7. Lack of experience makes you think that you should train longer.

best indicator

Shorter, more intense workouts are key to achieving phenomenal results in a relatively short period of time..

8. Your brain is the most important muscle that should be involved in the training process..

it’s really hard to be rendered in the gym; they aren’t really like that. You should be fully focused on each repetition, fully feel every muscle, every fiber. But, if you are not 100% focused, the result of your potential success will be somewhat limited. This is all because it is the brain that sends impulses to the muscles, and if you don’t tune it to the right job, the effectiveness of your training drops.

9. Short rest periods are not always better than longer ones..

Now it has become fashionable to choose the shortest breaks between sets, but I would like to say that this is not always true. If you work in a power style, you need to rest as much as your muscles and ligaments need for the next approach..

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10. Do not underestimate the importance of eating the right amount of nutrients per day..

Good training is not only manipulating your body, it’s also what you “fuel” this body with. Perhaps, many have witnessed the fact that the guys are engaged as obsessed in the audience, but they do not have the appropriate form. This is usually because their body does not get enough nutrients..


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