That you are FAT to blame the CROWNERS

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That you are FAT to blame the CROWNERS!

Today I’ll break another tale again, which many believe. I have a good mood, so I won’t spare anyone)

You most likely know that in the human body 70% of the body weight is water … and if you do not take into account the bones, then, about 90%.

“No matter how much vodka,” sighed the alcoholic Sidorchik, “the body of water is equal to 90 percent of water!

Any change in the food system can change the body’s water balance..


A salt-free diet will automatically reduce% of body weight due to water.

Starvation diets – reduce body weight with glycogen and water.

Do you understand? it doesn’t matter what kind of diet – they stopped eating = several kg of water from the body took … this is NOT weight loss, this is a change in water balance. This is a dumb weight loss.


Rejoice in weight loss only due to diet, it’s the same as to rejoice and be touched every time, how much you lost weight after each trip to the toilet.

In general, it is useful for all “losing weight” to know why they are losing weight … what is fat, how is it consumed … what is water balance, etc. Learn the mat. part!

Here’s how the diet works:

With a decrease in kcal intake, the body begins to use the internal reserves of energy deposits. Just do not flatter yourself, this is not fat, it is glycogen i.e. our muscles.

Then water and nutrients (mineral) substances leave, muscle mass decreases, weight decreases, fat cells do not get enough nutrients to contract, and volumes decrease.

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This is how you get the first results. True, not for long. Until the moment when you can no longer endure hunger.

Why the diet does not work:

The main reason is evolutionary. Once upon a time, when the Cro-Magnons had nothing to eat, and mammoths didn’t come across often, the body evolved amazingly in a couple of million years.


In order to survive the hunger periods, the body stores energy in the form of fat since the fat cell is the most energy-intensive, and during hunger periods, body maintenance can occur due to fat stores.

When you begin to starve, the body after a certain time perceives as a signal: AHTUNG! AHTUNG! “Hungry times have come!” And:

It gets rid of the most energy-consuming pieces using them as a quick source of energy – these are muscles.

At each meal, he tries to stock up on energy in the form of fat in order to survive hungry times..

With this approach, each lost CG will consist of ~ 700g of meat + ~ 300g of fat, which will lead to adverse changes in body composition. This is when the lady or the priest is too thick, or the legs, or the stomach, someone’s hands are like. This will violate the classic female silhouette.

There are such? I am sure that there is.

The peasants have the same story, but it’s easier for them – the stomach grows, and the tip dries, then some kind of watermelon walks around the city, scratch your belly, drink beer, pah to write nasty …

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Real weight loss can be considered only a decrease in the proportion of fat in the body … not the proportion of water, glycogen, snot, and fat …

The amount of food eaten in a short time (1-2 days) DOES NOT AFFECT the amount of fat in the body, which is why all kinds of fasting days are pointless, and diets give a short-term effect, for which you will pay the effect in excess of compensation (gain more than before the diet).

This is not a problem in the diet and not in you, it’s so evolutionarily laid down in us, the body is.

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