The effect of the plateau during the diet and how to overcome it.

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The effect of the plateau during the diet and how to overcome it.

Hey. Today we will analyze one of the most topical situations for everyone who has thought to change their figure and give it a little aesthetic appearance.

It will be about PLATO.

This is when, no matter how much you are puffed up, no matter how many calories are cut, your weight still stands still, or, what’s even more offensive, it grows, in the opposite direction from your opinion.

During the first few weeks, the body’s reaction to diet and exercise is encouraging – you quickly lose pounds. Not having enough patience, you burn everything in a row, achieving a good figure on the scales. In principle, not deadly. To begin with, it’s even good if such a breakthrough gives you additional motivation to continue to engage in yourself.

But a couple of months pass, and the body adapts to the new regime and diet. Weight stops.

Well, what for F # pa?!

Such thoughts are about to drive everything, getting up on the scales. For example, I shout it so loud that the neighbors are also imbued with my disappointment))

Let’s see why this happens. Let’s go upstairs without climbing into the jungle, otherwise it makes me sleepy.

First of all, and in full accordance with the laws of physics, a decrease in body weight and a decrease in energy consumption are directly dependent on each other:

The lower the weight, the lower the energy expenditure of the body..

The reduction in energy costs is practically beyond your control:

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due to the relative weight reduction of some metabolically active organs, in particular the liver. Yes, damn it, the liver is also reduced, due to a decrease in glycogen stores.

by reducing the concentration of thyroid hormones, which largely determine energy consumption.

determine energy

due to changes in the mitochondrial mechanisms of the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), Damn, it’s necessary to bend it like that. I hope not scared anyone?

Reducing the energy costs that YOU are guilty of:

If you raped your body with hunger, then it switched to a lower energy consumption. It’s necessary to live somehow?

By reducing muscle mass. Losing more than 1 kg per week, we, together with fat, deal with the muscles, which determine our energy consumption to a greater extent. Less Muscle – Less Calorie Consumption. But with the first results, we don’t care at this point. true?

Do not increase the load of training. Train the same way, on the same program, the same weights, the same number of times, the same rest between sets, etc..

Inflated calorie. Perhaps, abandoning some of the snacks, instead of replacing them, now drag the buns from the refrigerator. Justifying yourself – just one, it’s okay.

Do not get calorie. Not only the body, but also the brain suffers from constant malnutrition on a diet. Which leads to apathy, irritability or indifference. Moreover, if such a voluntary fasting is prolonged, the blood sugar level rises, which leads to the release of insulin and increased appetite. The result is an increase in food intake (again you start to shave buns) and a return to the original weight.

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you have lost interest, and you have lost INTUSIAZISM.

If one sentence describes the cause of this disgrace, then the body has adapted.

After reading these lines, all amateur athletes always want to cry)

Horror stories are over, now how to avoid this, how to overcome a plateau. A dull decrease in calorie content or an increase in load will lead to a dead end when you can no longer increase calorie content or exercise 24 hours a day.

It is necessary to test the proposed methods and look at the result..

We increase the intensity of the load. Perhaps you are filonite in training and go to them for show. A lot of ways, do one thing every week.

calorie content

1. Increase weight, even by 0.5kg – it will be enough.

2. Increase the number of repetitions, 2 times is already something.

3. The number of approaches, use extremely rarely 1-2 times a month

4. Change the sequence of exercises. First do the hardest and least favorite.

5. Increase the duration of the training, but not more than 1 hour.

6. Increase the exercise time, ie weight retention time. Or doing an exercise.

7. Change the frequency of training.

8. Reduce rest between sets, rest no more than 40 sec. (just stop chatting with friends and look at your watch more often)

I advise you to start with paragraphs 9,4,1,5 in this order.

This does not mean that now you constantly need to tear your ass, it is enough to throw + 1kg per week or two, run 3min longer, 100m further.

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The general sequence will look like this:

First, increase the trend to 1 hour, if you have less, 1 hour is the limit beyond which you can’t cross. A lot of good is bad too.

Increase the intensity, i.e. try to do more or harder during this hour.

Now let’s take care of nutrition. For a long time I will not pickle. Short weekly plan.

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