Top 5 categories of trainers in fitness clubs


Top 5 categories of trainers in fitness clubs!

On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

I really like to give simple and clear analogies. Today I want to compare the trainer with the store.

Each store has a showcase, sweet and sellers. As well as the trainer has an appearance (showcase), knowledge (warehouse) and sales skills (sellers). It is very cool when all 3 components are in one person. But often something falls out..

appearance sales

Top 5 categories of trainers in the halls. 1. “Beauty / roll” (only appearance, rarely appearance + sales). 30-35% of trainers. Moderately pumped up, with a small percentage of fat. 0 knowledge, no results for customers, few sales. Rarely delayed in coaching.

2. “Salesman” (only sales skills). 20-25% of trainers The most convenient type for fitness clubs. Most often, a drisch guy or a puffy girl with a basic level of knowledge. The result of the clients is mediocre for two reasons – a lack of knowledge and a wrong own example. Well, how can one make a fat girl, for example, not eat bread when you show with your example that this is the norm? The level of prolongation with a client is small, because without reaching a result a person simply loses interest in training. But then the following will come to his place (he knows how to sell) 50-60 minutes training – “next”.

3. “Clever man / methodologist” (only knowledge, less knowledge + sales). 25-30% of trainers. Appearance leaves much to be desired, but it knows all the “methods” for weight gain and weight loss, all aspects of sports nutrition and pharmacology (without applying anything to yourself). But neither he nor his clients achieve the desired result. Most likely because he begins to apply all these techniques at the same time. There are exceptions when customer level knowledge and results are good, but there’s simply not enough time left.

4. “Mentor / master” (knowledge + appearance). 10% of trainers. A rarer category of trainers. Great appearance and knowledge. He knows how to correctly choose a training plan and diet, and also helps his ward to comfortably introduce all this into his life. By his own example and way of life, he shows that fitness life is cool and you want to equal ones. Be sure, with such a coach the result will not be long in coming! The level of sales leaves much to be desired, as it works out with each in full.

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5. “Guru / myth” (knowledge + appearance + sales). 0.1-1% of trainers. The pinnacle of development in the field of fitness and coaching. Most likely the champion of competitions and the mentor of many champions. Almost every client has an excellent result. Thanks to advertising, a huge queue of those who want to deal with it, not paying attention to the price tag.

The post is written with humor, but every joke has some truth. You can always become even better than now. You need to notice your weaknesses in time and start working on them!

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