Training diary in your training program.

training program

Training diary.

Today I want to talk about the training diary in your training program. Despite the important role of this tool in the life of “losing weight”, almost nothing has been written about it in specialized publications. Ah, you tell me, since they don’t write about him, then this is not such an important thing. Take your time, friends, with conclusions! How about such a statement:

99% of you will not achieve results (none at all) if you do not have a training diary!

How? Did you get it? Or you do not believe me?


It always amazes me how few practitioners keep a training diary. Thus doing WITHOUT systemic training. Most people prefer to squat or reap 50 kg for the third year in a row or run a couple of kilometers and no more, losing time in vain.

Going to the gym and “stupidly raising the iron” or “jumping like a victim” is good if you are a green beginner, but in order to truly progress and be able to evaluate your progress and training program, the diary is absolutely necessary.

Fat burning and muscle growth are a response to increasing stress..

In order to control it, you must at least know her.

Of course, if you have not changed your working weights, run length and intensity for a couple of years, then you can simply not perceive everything said about the benefits of the training diary, and don’t read it at all, because it still won’t reach you.

I trained for a very long time as a gray majority. This also applied to the training diary. Which I did not consider it necessary to lead, because I easily remembered all my weights on the apparatus and my training program in general.

This did not stop me from working month after month with these same constant weights. As the last idiot, I ignored the basic training principle – a constant increase in the load, at least a little bit, by 100 grams but more, by 10m but further, by 2min but longer.

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… And all this time I just walked into the hall like a mechanical robot, not knowing how to begin to progress, and not having the slightest desire to progress …

This went on until I realized that something needed to be changed..

And the first thing I changed was to start a training diary.

My training complex immediately made sense. From the very first training, all my trips to the gym were filled with new goals. I came, looked in the diary of old achievements, planned new ones in this training. Reached and wrote them in a diary. The circle is closed. Circle of Endless Pursuit of Progress.

And even though my “achievements” were very insignificant (0.5 – 1 kg) within the framework of one training session, but after months, they had already formed tens of kilograms of working weights and kilograms of muscle mass on my body, kilograms of burned fat.

The diary played a very important role in ensuring progress in training weights and muscle volumes..

training program

He filled my training complex with a new meaning..

He disciplined me. Forced to constantly set new goals and achieve them. There were periods when I “added” little to “weights”, there were periods when there was regression at all. But, thanks to the diary entries, I analyzed my mistakes in the training complex and gradually straightened the situation to the direction I needed..

Why do you think most visitors to the hall are not progressing? After all, these people have very clear goals and ideas about what they want. And the result is absent in 99%. Why?

And the answer is simple: They do not have a concrete plan of action to achieve their sporting goals. They do not have the right training system..

There are goals ourselves, but no plan!

It’s the same as a traveler who needs to get to the city, which is a good hundred kilometers away, and he does not know which way to get to this very city.

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That is, I wanted, for example, to burn a couple of kg of fat and increase my weight to 80 kg, and a clear step-by-step plan on what days to increase weights, what exercises to do and in what sequence, how many approaches, how many repetitions and at what pace to do repetitions I did not have. I did not have a training system.

Without knowledge of the “road” to achieving your goal, as well as a specific plan (training complex with a diary) based on this knowledge, you will remain in place (in the sense of progressing results) or “go” in the wrong direction (for example, you will train instead of burning fat, mass). From all of the above we derive the first and most important serious advantage of the diary:

1) Availability of an action plan

(training complex + diary) for the growth of sports results. It is necessary as air. Without an increase in load, there is no increase in results. Fat burning for all occurs individually, depending on the genetics and characteristics of the training regimen..

To change your body, you need to plan and experiment..

If the experiment does not work, it is very important that you can carefully study the procedure for conducting the experiment and find errors or inaccuracies.

2) The second advantage follows from the experiment. The training diary helps to adjust the training program and weight loss plan to your individual “I” and to derive maximum benefit from your individual characteristics for training progress.

3) The training diary disciplines. You do not hope for a successful training … You do it. And the skill of planning and phased progress according to plan to your goal will be very useful to you in your future life..

What does the training diary look like? Usually – this is an ordinary notebook, preferably very thick, naturally, if you are serious and take a long time.

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On the first pages leave space for recording your main volumes: Weight, waist, these two indicators are enough to track weight loss, but if you want 90-60-90, then add chest and ass.


training program

Weight –


Breast volume-


Further in the diary you need to take a place for the preparation of the training program and plan. In this regard, you will write down your workouts for a month or more. Plans are best done in cycles. At the end of each training cycle, you will have to mark the results of your work and analyze them.

How to record exercises? There are many ways. Here is the most common.


1. Squats – 12 times per (100 kg), 12 (100), 10 (120). 10 (120).

2. Bench press – 5 (90), 5 (100), 12 (80).

3. Twisting – 25 times, 50, 50, 50.

Training time 0:44

When filling out the training diary, do not stop at just listing the exercises in the training and the number of approaches and repetitions in it, and, in addition, write down your state of health (tired (fresh), slept (did not sleep), ate (did not eat), training time, its duration, your mood…

To fill out training approaches and repetitions, also add a mark on the speed of the positive and negative phases of the exercise.

Things like “too detailed training diary” do not exist.

In conclusion, I will say once again that maintaining a training diary will allow you to take a completely new look at your training program and your progress. This, in turn, will allow you to plan and evaluate your future training cycles and, ultimately, continue to progress..

Without a training diary, you will just be another heater in the simulator.

Everyone can stupidly run around the stadium, but for some reason no one wants to track the results, progress, approaching their goal. And you need for this all the little thing – DIARY.

Have a nice day.

Yaroslav Brin.

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