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On this page there will be articles related to fitness in all its manifestations. About nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, training and competition, and more.

A visit to the gym has a specific goal – weight loss or the formation of beautiful bends, muscle building or increased stamina. Depending on this, the instructor selects a program that can most effectively realize the dreams of women and men. Types of training in the gym differ in the sports equipment used (different simulators produce the opposite effect), intensity of implementation, number of approaches. It is important to separate the concepts of “basic” and “additional” (isolated) exercise. The first category should occupy most of the training, the second is needed for a more complete study of the muscles of a certain group or local areas, which remain practically not involved during the base load.

Building muscle mass and strength

The following types of exercises must be present in the training program:


push ups;

horizontal bench press;

squats with a barbell on the shoulders;

draft of a bar to a belt in an inclination;


Barbell squats should not be ignored if you need a positive and quick result. The secret is simple: all muscle groups, even the cervical ones, are involved in the exercise. The formation of powerful, strong arms is impossible without the inclusion of additional exercises – this is the French bench press (triceps work), the bending of the arms with the barbell in a standing position (biceps is activated).

Mandatory rules:

bench press

Change the types of training in the gym at least once every 7-8 weeks – the same load, which is performed for a long time without changing the intensity, slows down the process of building muscle mass;

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The harder the training, the longer the warm-up should be, while you should try to stretch all muscle groups;

When working with weights, you need to give the body time for a good rest, and the closer the weight of the weights to the athlete’s personal maximum, the more minutes you need to give the body relaxation.

Types of Weight Loss Workouts

Burning fat correctly is very important. This helps to avoid too rapid weight loss and sagging areas of the skin, as well as loss of muscle tone. The most optimal option is a combination of cardio loads and strength training. The first ones help to put in order the cardiovascular system, increase endurance. This is the perfect start for women who have crossed the gym for the first time. Experts do not recommend combining these types of classes. It’s better to give them different days..

Top – Effective Cardio Workouts:


Rowing machine;

Exercise bike (strengthening the muscles of the legs);

Ellipsoid / orbit track

Running (treadmill);

Training is worth at least 30-40 minutes, these are effective techniques for drying the body, reducing the layer of subcutaneous fat. Strength exercises will help in parallel to make the body elastic and tone the muscles. It’s worth giving preference to push-ups, squats, lifting legs with or without weights, performing exercises on the butterfly trainer, the press (a combination of direct and oblique), spreading your arms to the sides with dumbbells.

Strength training without gaining mass

give body

The effect of these exercises is especially liked by the fair sex, who want to increase not muscle in volume, but namely strength. The main emphasis should be on the development of neuromuscular connections. It is recommended to divide the training into three approaches (days), in each of which to develop and work out a separate section.

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An example of a three-day split (suitable for both men and women):

The first day – work with the muscles of the legs (buttock, calf, quadriceps, hip biceps, development of the muscles of the lower back);

The second day – trapezius, rhomboid muscles, biceps;

The third day – we pay special attention to the press (rectus and oblique muscles of the abdomen), also triceps, pectoral and deltoid muscles cannot be ignored.

The basic rule is to start with basic exercises, before which a warm-up must go..

Making muscles prominent without weight gain

Muscle mass must be gained in advance, since the essence of this type of training is to dry the subcutaneous fat. That is, the skin should fit perfectly formed, sculpted biceps, triceps and abs without annoying interference in the form of fat, spoiling the overall impression.

Before starting workouts, you need to pay attention to the daily diet. You need to reduce calorie intake gradually and not by much (daily minus 200 calories from the usual amount). The athlete must remember that he is balancing on the verge of losing the muscle volume that he has so hard to achieve..

The first 10 minutes should be devoted to aerobic exercise (running, jumping rope, exercise bike). As basic exercises for beginners choose: pull-ups; squats; deadlift; chest press.

How to support the achieved results

For girls and men it is very important not only to achieve the goals set before training, but also to maintain the result for a long time. If there is no access to the gym, you can not reduce the physical daily load. As such, running in the mornings, doing abdominal exercises, and squats is suitable. If the athlete does not have access to the barbells, dumbbells can be used as weights.

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The break between workouts should not be more than two months, otherwise you will need to begin to work out the program from the beginning. Classes in the gym may be shorter, less intense, but the program should include basic exercises, additional ones can be ignored for a number of reasons, but only for a short time period.

Particular attention is paid to nutrition: those who have achieved good results in building mass or forming a relief should include protein foods in their diet, reducing the amount of carbohydrates.

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