Want to Burn FAT Choose your range of repetitions.

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Want to Burn FAT? Choose your rep range.

Good day. Today will be a practical post again. Therefore, we debug the popcorn to the side, take a pencil and take notes.

How many times do you repeat the exercise in one approach?

Well i.e. how many times do you push ups, and how many times do you press the press, how many times do you squat? Ask any fitness trainer, but how much? And he will immediately give out the holy formula:

1-3 times by force.

8-12 times per mass.

12-20 on terrain and endurance.

Modestly forgetting to say that this data is 50 years old.

Do you pump the press 20 times or more in the hope that it is on topography, and the same with other parts of the body? No, not right. Let’s see where this mass delusion came from..

Take an ordinary athlete Vasily Schwarzeneiger, and offhand any exercise, let’s say the chest press. The usual execution mode for Vasily will be like this:

In one approach he presses 10 times and let’s say 150 kg of his working weight.

In calories, he does not limit himself. they are needed for muscle growth, every day it grows and smells delicious.

BUT comes the period of preparation for the competition and one of the conditions of which is the minimum fat content in the body. Basil cuts calories. The body does not receive enough nutrients and is depleted over time..

If you continue training in the old mode, it will certainly lead to injury. Muscles can no longer withstand such a load due to exhaustion. But what to do? The volume of work performed cannot be reduced since it is necessary to maintain the results achieved and then he goes to such a trick:

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BEFORE: 10 times * 150kg = 1500kg (the amount of work in one approach)

Now it reduces the working weight to 100 kg and increases the number of repetitions up to 15 times to save the amount of work performed.

NOW: 15 times * 100kg = 1500kg (the same amount of work in one approach)

And what in the end we get. The load is the same and no injuries.

The only drawback with this mode is that it will not work to increase your results, the maximum you can do is save.

Well, now a certain fitness instructor Boris with higher sports. with education and other regalia, he looks at the training regime for Vasily and notices that the relief Vasily instead of 10 times, now presses 15. Damn, eureka, let’s increase the number of repetitions and become embossed!

In addition, it seems logical that the more repetitions, the more fat we burn. And Boris is unaware that the increase in the number of repetitions is not due to the desire to increase the relief, but from a limited calorie. That’s about how this misconception was born at the household level.

In addition, there are still a lot of scientific explanations that a large amount is on the relief, but here I will not paint them, you will find them on the Internet and in fashion magazines.

But we are all different. Everything is very different from one another. This is the main reason for the different rates of weight loss or muscle growth in people.

Genetically gifted people can engage in any kind of exercise complex. And still they will burn fat and build up the meat. That is why most of the modern methods of fitness and bodybuilding are written specifically for such lucky ones..


Pros can make any methodological and technical errors.

Another song, a simple person like you and me, not gifted with genetics so generously. In order to “make the body”, to achieve growth in increasing muscle mass and strength, to burn fat, and therefore to make his body sexy and beautiful – he must take into account every little thing. And there are more such “trifles” for such a person than for pros.

I’m sure that the genetic potential affects only the speed of reaching a cool figure, but not the very possibility of achieving it.

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